Use these articles to heal
your relationship

And if necessary, part as friends

Divorce as friends

Whether you want to divorce as friends or save your marriage, you have to do the same thing. You need to end the conflict, heal the hurt, and restore the love in your relationship – Not as husband and wife, but as one human being to another. When you do this, everything else takes care of itself.

This may seem impossible, but it's not. It can be done and it only takes one person to do it. When you change how you relate to the other person, you change how that person responds to you. Hopefully, the other person will work with you, but it's not required. There is still a lot you can do. These articles show you the steps.

To get the most results, read the articles in order.

Read the following articles:

Put the focus on healing

We fight the truth

The underlying conditions that create suffering

Get your power back

A short course on relationships

Accept your full 100% responsibility for love

The childhood hurt that sabotages our lives

The next step

You can divorce as friends and maybe save your marriage

These articles show what’s possible, but knowing what’s possible and making it happen are two totally different things. The best way to handle your situation is to work directly with Bill. He can walk you through process of restoring your inner peace and creating a plan of action. Then he can support you in taking the steps you need to have your life be great.



A few more articles

Frequently asked questions on divorce

Ground rules for divorce

Tips for parents in divorce

How to resolve disputes without conflict

Dealing with attorneys

Get on with your life

Are you having a difficult time?

Would you like to end the conflict, heal the hurt, and restore your inner peace? Would you like to heal your relationship? You can. The best way to do this is to work directly with Bill Ferguson. Give us a call. We can talk about your situation and create a plan of action.


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