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Video 5, Part 1 - The Mastery of Life Video Course



At any moment, you are totally at the effect of the world around you. No matter what happens, you will respond accordingly. At the same time, the world around you is totally at the effect of you. No matter what you do or don’t do, the world around you will respond to you. This makes you the cause.

You are both cause and effect at the same time. You are the victim of your life and you are the creator. You are both, but you only experience yourself as one or the other. When you are at the effect, you feel powerless. Life is on top of you. When you are at cause, you are on top of life. The natural state is being at cause. You destroy this state and lose your power by fighting the truth of the way something is.


  1. Find a time when you were at the effect of something
    Notice what happened to your confidence and energy. Notice how powerless you felt and how negative you became. Instead of being on top of life, life was on top of you. Every time you get upset and every time you are in the presence of an area of your life that isn’t working, you are at the effect. Notice how painful and destructive this is.
  2. Now find a time when you decided to handle something that you were at the effect of
    Notice what happened the moment you became committed to taking action. You shifted from being at the effect to being at cause. You got your power back along with your confidence and energy. Notice how much more enjoyable your life was and how much more effective you were. It is possible to be in this state most of the time. Use these videos to learn how.
  3. Notice that the areas of your life that don't work are areas where you have lost your power
    Being at cause is the natural state. We destroy this state and put ourselves at the effect by fighting the truth of the way something is. When you fight the truth, you throw away your power. You give it to whatever you are resisting. Look at the areas of your life that don’t work and notice that these are areas where you have lost your power.


These videos provide an awareness that will change your life. When you work with the material over time, you get grounded in the concepts and change your life even more. This is the purpose of the Mastery of Life E-course. Each week you receive a powerful new insight with suggested action to take. There is no charge for the course.

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