You magnify whatever
you resist

Resisting your situation gives it power


Life doesn’t just happen. We create our lives. We interact with life in a very specific way that produces a very specific result. One of the most powerful ways that we create is by resisting. When you resist, you magnify and give power to whatever you are resisting. Effective action will handle a situation, but not the inner state of resisting. Here are some examples that demonstrate this:

Imagine four yellow balloons on the ceiling above you. Now, whatever you do, don't think about them. You just thought about them. Don't do that. What happens when you fight the yellow balloons? You keep thinking about them. In fact, you can hardly think of anything else. Resisting the thought of yellow balloons does not make them go away. It gives them power and keeps them alive. The same principle applies in every aspect of life. Whatever you resist gets magnified.

You magnify whatever you resist

Now find a characteristic that you can’t stand in someone. Then notice what happens to the characteristic when you fight it. The characteristic grows. It grows in your perception and it shows up more in the world around you. Your resisting does not make the characteristic go way. Resisting gives it power and makes it stronger.

Notice how you feel when someone resists the way you are and tries to change you. How do you feel about changing? You don't want to. You get upset and become resistant. You don't want to change a thing. The same thing happens when you resist someone else or any other aspect of your life. The very act of resisting makes whatever you resist more solid.

Look at the areas of your life that don't work. These are areas where you can't flow. By your resisting, you keep these areas from clearing up.

The nature of fear

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Another way we resist is through fear. Fear is an inner state and is created by resisting a future event. For example, if you have a fear of losing someone, you are resisting the future event called, "losing the person." The more you resist losing the person, the bigger your fear. The bigger your fear, the more you feel threatened. The more you feel threatened, the more you hang on and act destructively. This in turn pushes the person away and causes your fear to come true.

One lady was in the process of a divorce. She was so threatened by the possibility of losing her kids, she did everything she could to keep her children away from her husband. The husband, who had no intention of taking the children, then sued for custody. He felt that he had to because this was the only way he could be with his kids. In the lady’s fear of losing her children, she created the very thing that she feared.

Look over your life and notice that whatever you fear and resist keeps showing up, over and over. These circumstances keep showing up because you create them. Fighting the truth does not resolve a situation. The inner state of resisting makes it worse.

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