Possible interview questions

It is possible to have love in every relationship and in every aspect of life


Here are some possible interview questions

  1. How did you go from being a divorce attorney to teaching people about love?
  2. You say that love is never enough to have a relationship work. Can you explain this?
  3. What is the experience of love?
  4. What creates love?
  5. What destroys love?
  6. What is the cycle of conflict?
  7. How do you end the cycle of conflict?
  8. What are the underlying conditions that destroy love?
  9. What is the biggest killer of relationships?
  10. What happens when you fight the truth?
  11. What is the law of resistance?
  12. What is the law of cause and effect?
  13. Why do we fight the truth?
  14. How do you heal this hurt?
  15. What do you see is the opportunity of life?
  16. How can people learn more?

Are you having a difficult time?

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