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Workshops & Courses

Our workshops are held in Houston, Texas.
To register or to obtain more information, call
713-520-5370. You can also register online.

Continuing Education Credits are available for Texas Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Professional Counselors and Social Workers.

Our workshops are in Houston at the La Quinta Inn, 4015 Southwest Fwy at Weslayan. MapQuest

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Introductory Workshops

Stop The Conflict

Court approved for divorcing parents

The first step in creating a great life is to discover why your life is the way it is. In this powerful, one-evening program, you will discover why certain areas of your life don't work and how to have these areas clear up. You will discover the nature of love and the key to having life be great. The tools and insights you gain will change your life.

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A weekend workshop to transform your life

Return To The Heart

This weekend workshop is the most important of all our programs. It’s about restoring yourself. It's about opening your heart, healing, and making a permanent change in the way you live your life. First, you discover why your life is the way it is. Then you walk through the process of finding and healing the hidden, inner core issues that destroy love and sabotage your life. Then you learn how to create a life that will far exceed your dreams.

In the process of the weekend, you will discover the very essence of who you are. This creates an awakening that permanently changes the way you relate to life. From that moment on, the circumstances of your life will never have the same power. The result is more love, more happiness, a profound freedom, and a deep inner peace.

You become more confident, more effective, and much more able to flow with life. Participants say that it is physically impossible to live your life the same way after you Return To The Heart.

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Advanced Programs

The Mastery Program

This ongoing program is about mastering your ability to live in the light. It's about growing, healing, and taking the action you need to create a great life. While working on your challenges and problem areas, you will gain a powerful set of tools and skills. You will then be supported in having your dreams come true. This program is about creating a life of love and an environment where miracles show up. This is an advanced program for people who have attended Return To The Heart.

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Mastery of Relationships

This in-depth Saturday workshop is about gaining mastery in the area of relationships. First, you learn the step-by-step process for ending conflict and restoring love. Then you learn how to communicate, remove distance, and keep from losing the love. You learn how to be free of resentment, blaming, withdrawing, hanging on, and other destructive behavior. Then you learn how to resolve disputes and empower each other. This program covers all the nuts and bolts of a great relationship.

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For more information, call 713-520-5370

To register for a workshop, give us a call or click the appropriate link above. If you are coming from out of town, we can suggest nearby hotels and get you a special rate.

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